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2003 Recon Front brakes

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I am having an issue with my front brakes. When I pull the lever to stop I can feel very little braking. I do feel some... but VERY little.

I figured it was time for new pads... last night I went through and replaced the pads on the front right drum and figured that would do the trick. After replacing the one pad I figured I would test it and make sure its actually braking now on the one side and its NOT.

I dont know too much about braking systems but what could be the problem. Im gonna go ahead and replace the pads on the other wheel too but how can I get the brakes to actually start working, lol. When the drum is off and I squeeze the brake it is pushing the drums out so I know its working somewhat.
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I would start with checking the fluid at the handle bars. I,m asuming the Recon is front hydralic. If that is ok, then I would try bleeding them. you might have air in your lines. also if it is empty you will still need to bleed the lines after filling the resivor. this is not hard to do but would require 2 people to do. I would sugest one of the two would be someone who has done this before. this to me would best fit why you are seeing movement but not having any actual brakeing. hope this will help you.
You will not get enough movement in the new brake shoes on one side to get effective braking if the other side is worn or not adjusted. Install the new shoes on both sides. Then adjust both sides after installing the drums. If you still don't get good braking you can then bleed the system.
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