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2003 Rancher 350 clutch slipping.

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I just replaced the engine in my son's Rancher. It runs great but the clutch slips. I have tried to adjust it but its not helping. I am getting a new clutch to put in it. Does anyone know how to change it and is there anything special I need to know before I start? Thanks alot.
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Which clutch is slipping ..?..

You should use the proper puller to remove the centrifugal clutch ..
its got me curious, why did you have to replace the engine, not something I want to have to do.
I'm not sure which clutch it is. I don't have a manual so I'm pretty much doing this blind. I haven't taken the cover off yet, I'm waiting to see if the guy I bought the engine from will send me a new clutch pack. Said he would but he's lied before.
I had to replace the engine because the oil pump went bad. The piston got hot and the engine locked up. Cheaper to replace than it was to rebuild. I got the new engine for $610.00 which was a good deal. It runs great just wants to slip though the gears. All help is appreciated.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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