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2003 Honda Rincon 650

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My rincon is flashing the 11 code I do not have a manual for this bike any time I get it past half throttle "--" starts flashing on the gear selector I have changed the carb with a brand new one unhooked the battery for hours at a time and tried the reset that I have found on this forum I'm at a loss Any advice would be appreciated greatly
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Did you get the speed sensor issue resolved yet?
I replaced the sensor and still no speedometer I always shows 0 and none of the buttons on the dash work either the fuel guage and all the lights work but that's it
Does anyone know if a guage cluster / speedometer from a 2005 rincon will work on a 2003
03-05 are the same, only different one would be 04/05 GPS one.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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