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2003 foreman wheels

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I just got a set of 12" wheels off of a 2003 foreman. They should fit my 98 400 fine even though it came with 11" wheels shouldnt they? I noticed the part numbers for the rear hub on a 2003 are different than the 98's. It looks like the rear wheel studs on 98's are 10x30 while the studs for 2003 are 10x32. Why would there be a different part #?
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I didn't think the studs and lugs where different thread counts, I know on some models they where diffenent lenghts because of the sealed acorn lugs. But it looks as if you have done alittle research. The rim pattern is the same 4/110, no problems there. do you have the lugs with the new rims and if so have you tried them?
I have not got the wheels yet because I just got them off of ebay last night. They come with all lug nuts and center caps. I was just wondering why the part # was diffrent on the 2003 rear hubs, it must be the different studs and lug nuts. The part # on the front hubs are the same.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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