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2003 ES Sputtering After Starting

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2003 ES 400 no problem with starting. Once it is started with choke out, it runs OK, put choke in and put in gear and then it sputters and dies. If I let it warm for a couple of minutes with choke out and then put choke in it does not die when put into gear. Once it is warm it runs good. Anybody experiencing this and how can I keep it from sputtering and be able to start and go?
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do u live up north where its cold? if so then it probably just needs time to warm up...
Sounds pretty much normal to me! If its like all others it should have a half way position on the choke try that after its started until its warmed up
yep normal i usualy have to let mine warm up a bit when its cold out or it will die
Same here,every Honda I've owned has been cold blooded.My Foreman needs a good 5 minutes to warm up before it will run with the choke knob in.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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