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2001 foreman 450 ES

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Hi guys ..

I just got my foreman back from the dealer after haveing them rebuild the clutch,and replacing other parts inside the engine , in order to get it to shift better..

Sometimes it wasnt wanting to shift into the next gear, and I would have to hit the button a few times before it would shift into gear.. Its a little better now,but by no means perfect, and the dealer told me IT needs a new ECM... Thats 350.00 bucks not installed..... So I said id think about it do a little research..

What do you guys think and does anyone have one laying around (working ) I can buy

Thanks for the help
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did they go into the tranny and check your shift forks and gears for wear?
might be a weak shift motor too.
Could just be a dirty button. This happens a lot and a lot of people just dont think about it. Dirt gets in there behind the button and just wont allow it to be pushed in all the way.
arnt the buttons sealed
dirty buttons was the cause on mine

i had dirty buttons make mine do the same think. a the "pad or contact" can get dirty and cause high resistence in the circuit and some times you have to press it alot to get it to work. you can take it apart and clean it out and coat the pads with dielectric grease.

Thanks guys..

As soon as im off work im try a few things.. Ill let ya all know what happens

Thanks again
Still lookin

Well Im still lookin for a ECM for a 2000 honda foreman 450ES..

If anyone has one to sell let me know thx

Thanks again
Did the shop try an ECM off a good bike ..? .. Did they follow the troubleshooting flow charts ..

I follow the flow charts and use these tools.. Because Honda didn't use flash codes on the TRX450 until 2002..

takes place of shift control motor

takes place of angle sensor

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i seen this on e-bay...<a class="postlink" href="
iewItem"> ... dZViewItem</a>
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