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2001 450 S - Front Shocks - Washers... yes washers

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I am replacing my ball joints which requires the front shocks to be disconnected from the upper arm (bottom bolt of shock needs to be removed). Each shock has 3 washers at the bottom bolt and there seems to be 2 washers on one side of the shock mount and 1 washer on the other side of the shock mount. These washers are not in any of the parts diagrams that I have found (and I strongly assume that the shocks are stock). There must be a reason why 2 washers are on one side and 1 washer on the other side the shock mount. So, my question is this... does anyone know which side of the mount the 2 washers and which side of the mount has 1 washer.

I realize that this is likely a non issue... but it's bugging me.
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