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2000 trx 450es

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ok i let my friend my bike to ride he said that they were riding in some water,then got he stuck and tried to shift it into reverse, and it went into reverse no problem. then he said it would not shift out of reverce gear, he said that he tried the manual shift lever to get it into nuteral( sp) and that did not work. he was about 3 miles away from my house so he towed it back to my house in while in the reverse gear,about a 1/2 mile in the tow it locked up on him all 4 wheels will not move and now the thing is locked up so tight i can't get it to roll or to change gears or do anything with it ..
please help thanks all
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bad tranney gear somewhere or bent shift fork. might also be in the rear end or axle. hard to say without taking it apart, start at the rear end and work your way up to the motor.also check the front end movement.
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