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2000(?) Rancher 350ES Will not shift into reverse

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Hey everyone, a friend of mine just called me and says his 350 Rancher es will not shift into reverse.he was plowing snow when it happend.There is no flashing code on the display and and it will shift all the other gears fine just not into reverse.He says earlier while plowing it would not shift out of first gear so he shut it off for about 10 seconds and restarted it and it was fine,now a little while later,no reverse,and no codes flashing.Any ideas?
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Check the reverse switch wire .. It is under the rear of the engine next to the reverse lock-out lever/cable ...
Thanks Honda Mechanic and I will do probably tomorrow when I see him...Thanks again!
Thanks also Honda Mechanic. I had the exact same problem with the reverse and i checked and sure enough, the wire had popped off. Thanks again
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