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2000 Honda Foreman 450S-What do you think?

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I am new to the ATV world and am looking at getting my first bike soon. My buddy has a Honda Foreman 450 that he is willing to sell.

2000 Foreman S 450 Color: Yellow Mileage: Approx 1500 (will update with
exact mileage) ITP Chrome rims, centercaps and lug nuts, 27 Vampires,
12" wide in rear 10" wide in front, Diamond Plate bash plate ,Aluminum
stick stoppers, Highlifter Lift Kit,
Highlifter full belly aluminum skid plate, Highlifter sealed front
wheel bearings, New 2500 pound Ramsey winch with hand held controller
and roller fairlead, Heavy duty expanded metal floor boards, Extended
Southern Metal rear rack, Dyno jet carb system

Just got out of the shop with $1,400 in work done. Is in tip top shape.
Had to replace the rear axle and gears, tune up, had fluids changed, new
brakes and cables, new bearings and bushings. This thing is ready to
roll. Told them to go completely through, I wanted it ready for duck

He mainly uses it for hunting and does not ride much other
than that. He has owned it for about a year and half. He is selling to get a Rhino for his duck lease. He bought it from someone that was an avid atv person, but that person seemed straightforward and honest. It does not look to be misused or abused before him, but who knows. I will be mainly using it for trail riding and around the nieghborhood with the kids. There may be a littlemud, but nothing like mud bogging that I see on the interenet. I am
mainly getting this for me to go trail riding with the kids in the country or in our neighborhood. Is thistoo much bike for me and will it serve my needs? I don't really even know what most of those modifications are for anyway. I just don't want to get something that is sooooo aggressive that my wife can't ride it. I also need something that is reliable. I can't afford to have something that is going to be breaking down on me all the time.

Thanks and let me know your thoughts--good or bad!!

Check out the pics:

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Depends on how much he wants for it. He just got it out of the shop so assuming that it was looked over real well it should be good to go. I've also got an 04 model in ES and wouldn't buy any other machine.
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