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2000 Honda Foreman 450ES stripped 1st gear problem

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I just picked up a used 2000 Honda Foreman ES that has what I think is a transmission problem. It will ride in reverse and 2-5 gears, but the 1st gear is not working and it is making a rattle from the gear area when it moves. I haven't picked it up yet, but I am trying to figure out if I can fix it or if I will have to take it to a shop. From what I have been reading it looks like 2001 or 2002 is the start of the Hondamatic transmission and that is something you have to take to the dealer for repair. I'm praying that mine is still one of the ones you can work on. I'm not for sure it is the transmission, but the guy was plowing gravel with it and hit a dip that held him back. I guess he tried to punch through it and that is when the problem started. Any suggestions?
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Sounds like he knocked all the teeth off the gear. The motor will have to pulled and the cases split to see what all it damaged. It's not that bad of a job, but it is time comsuming. There are alot of parts that can fall out if your not careful. I would reconmend that you get a manuel if you do decide to repair it yourself. you can take a look here and it will give you a general ideal of what you looking at.
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It looks impossible when you look at the diagrams, but is it manageable for someone that has never worked on a transmission before? Or am I better off taking it to the dealer? I paid $1600 for the quad with 3000 miles and figured I could fix it right up, but I'm starting to think this I made a bad call on this one.
The best thing I could reconmend is for you to buy or borrow a manual and do some reading as I said above. It will explain everything step by step. If you can understand the instruction, I would think that you could do the work yourself. a few special tools will be required to tear down and put the engine back together. The manual will tell you all this.

OK, I decided to go ahead and have a local guy look at it. He has worked on a couple of my brothers quads and seems to know what he is doing. Is there anything I should have him replace when he does the work?
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