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2000 foreman es problem

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hey guys, i have a 2000 foreman 450 es and everytime i get it wet i can't shift it it takes about a hour to get it going even with the manual foot lever..i see the foot lever moving when i push the es buttons on the bars, but it just doesn't want to shift even when i;m rocking it back and forth, some times i can't even shift it with the foot lever ..but its such a pain in the butt when your on the trail and everyone is waiting on you, and busting your butt..please help ty
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My guess is that you are getting water in the connection of the angle sensor on the front of the motor. Unplug the sensor, blow it out, and fill it with di-electric grease.

That will probably help your issues you are having.

Did you try adjusting the clutch? Loosen lock nut, turn adjuster counterclockwise until you feel slight pressure, back off .25 turns and tighten lock nut. I was having problems similiar to yours, clutch was just out of adjustment.

Keep us posted........
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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