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2000 Foreman decal numbers

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Can anyone give me the part numbers for the 2000 Foreman ES GREEN side 4x4 decals and the front 4x4 honda decal? I ordered some from hondapartswarehouse and they sent me green foreman sticker, red side stickers and a yellow front sticker. I'll play nice and not rant about the issues I have had with them, but I would like to get the proper decals. I have the red and yellow decals for anyone that wants to cover the shipping cost.
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I couldnt find a part number either but here's a ebay listing for the full set, they might have some open packages that they can just sell you those 3 you need, give them a shout



Thanks for the replys. I have the one listed above, but I need the two 4x4 side panel decals and the front decal that says Honda 4x4 under the headlight. All of the ones I see say type 5, 6, 7. Or can someone give me a good site that lists the color or PM me a place to get them if you aren't supposed to list the site?

pics I just found world of power sports . com and they have a color chart. The green is type 7 if anyone else has the same question later.
Hey Lagernuts, did you find your stickers. I actually have two Green 4x4 for the sides. I ordered some parts and I ordered the wrong color code. If you need them I'll just swap you for your red one's if you would like. Just let me know.
Sounds great

PM sent
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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