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Hi Folks,
I just bought a 2000 450ES from a neighbor of mine - this is my first quad! Have taken it for a couple of short rides and today after a very short ride (200 yards?), as I was pulling it into my RV shelter, I noticed that the red light in the upper, right corner of the dash was starting to glow - the icon is a drop (of oil?) in a motor housing with a thermometer next to it. I'm assuming this is the oil temp warning light. I should have left it running and quickly checked to see if the fan was turning, but instead I turned the motor off and noodled on it for a few minutes. I decided to turn it on and let it idle for a minute. The light didn't come back on, and when I looked at the fan, it was not turning.
So I guess my questions are:
1. Is that indeed the oil temp warning light?
2. When should the fan be turning? Always on? Or is there a thermostat?
3. What are the things to check if I suspect that there is something wrong with the fan? I checked all the fuses yesterday and they were fine.
Thank you in advance for your help!
Don’t know if I can help you much but that light is indeed the oil temp light. Normally it only comes on when starting. If it comes on after riding for awhile then it’s overheating. The fan on mine only comes on after several minutes of riding say 30 minutes or so on a warm day. You will hear it for sure.
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