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2000 450ES ECM ??

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Will this work on my 2000 Foreman ES

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I need a new one

Thk guys
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thank you

Thank you very much!!!!! The dealer said a new one was gonna be like 320.00 bucks,,just for the ECM then, I saw this auction, and I was praying it would fit, and work !!!!

Thanks Again
I WON!!!

Cool I won the auction !!!!!!

Honda Mechanic? do you have any tips on how to get to get to the ECM, and the actual replacement of it??

Thanks so much,, any help would be great

The ECU (change control unit) is easy to change .. It is under the front fenders and slides into a rubber boot .. It's a little harder to change if you have a winch ..

Here's a picture of it ..

When the picture opens click again for full size ..
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Thank you


Thank you very much for all the help and information..

I cant wait to change it out..

I got the ECU In the mail .. And I am planning on installing it, and a new snorkel this weekend. I will let ya all know how it turns out.. Again guys thx for all the help, and great info!!!

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