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2000 450 es foreman

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ok i just had a major melt down!!!
i ajusted the clutch i loosen the nut and screwed in the bolt until i felt it the i backed it out 1/4 turn and it ran fine the i hit a bump in the trail and all four tires are locked up tighter than a [email protected][email protected]#% all four tire will not turn and it will not shift out of gear. i heard a small bang from the front please help before my wife hangs me from the rafters lol..ty all
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To adjust the clutch you turn the adjuster counter clockwise (out) until resistance is felt then turn clockwise (in) 1/4 turn & tighten locknut ..
is it possable to get rid of the ES system completley? and make it into like the S series i love the TRX 450 but the es only works when it wants
ty for all of the help
were you tinkering when she told you not to? I know the feeling, the wheeler really isn't the big deal it's the fact that she was right...........right?
oh your married with kids too lol and to answer your question yes i was
I understand. And yes, Four: (3) Boys (1) Girl
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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