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20 hours

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Ok right now I'm at 12.5 hours and will be going on 2 trips, one sure to put 20 miles on my foreman and the other is a 2 day trip on 2000 acres. How far over the 20 hours can I go before I do any damage, or the honda dealer freaking out about being over for the first service???????
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I was at about 20 hours and 80 miles before my first service. My mechanic didn't say anything about it. After my service, I noticed a slight ticking sound from my valves. I took it back and he said it was fine. After adjustment you will probably hear some noise because everything is aluminum and thin to alleviate weight of the machine. Don't be alarmed by the sound. It freaked me out because I'm pretty particular about my stuff but they reassured me that it was very common to get that kind of motor noise.
I also have a 98 Foreman 400 and if I remember correctly, I never had the valves adjusted or the first service. I just changed the oil myself and kept on riding. I still have that machine and it runs great. I have put this thing in some bad situations while hunting and it has never let me down. It has about 2000 miles on it. I use it for my hunting and work bike since it is not as shiny and new as my 500.
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My dealer never told me to bring it in "just cange the oil" he said but im bringing mine in this weekend to get the valves adjusted and i have 700 miles and i have no troubles and i know someone who has 2000 miles and never took it back to the dealership.. but take it in asap i wish i would of known!!!
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