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OK, I have 2 problems that occured yesterday.

1. I was using my plow to move quite a bit of gravel yesterday, and it worked great. I had parked it for a while and then when I got back on it I hit the winch button to pick up the plow and SNAP. The cable broke about 6 inches back from the hook. My question is do I just rehook it back to the hook or do I need to put new wire on the winch all the way back?

2. Since the winch broke, I was unhooking the plow from underneath and noticed that where the plow connects that it was a little wet. I then realized that this must be an oil leak I guess. It was about 100 degrees and there was no water anywhere. I laid down underneath it and see that it appears to be coming out of the round cutout just beside where the plow connects. I have an extended warranty through about another month or so. My question is if I take it into the shop and have them look at it, will the warranty cover the problem? I have 26 inch swamplites on it with a lift.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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