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2 seperate issues looking for advice

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OK, I have 2 problems that occured yesterday.

1. I was using my plow to move quite a bit of gravel yesterday, and it worked great. I had parked it for a while and then when I got back on it I hit the winch button to pick up the plow and SNAP. The cable broke about 6 inches back from the hook. My question is do I just rehook it back to the hook or do I need to put new wire on the winch all the way back?

2. Since the winch broke, I was unhooking the plow from underneath and noticed that where the plow connects that it was a little wet. I then realized that this must be an oil leak I guess. It was about 100 degrees and there was no water anywhere. I laid down underneath it and see that it appears to be coming out of the round cutout just beside where the plow connects. I have an extended warranty through about another month or so. My question is if I take it into the shop and have them look at it, will the warranty cover the problem? I have 26 inch swamplites on it with a lift.
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ok for your winch, just reconnect it where it broke off, it'll be 6 inches shorter, but you should be ok, if you need that extra 6 inches, then you shouldn't be there anyways. And for the leak, dry it off and make sure it's not residual buildup from a previous oil change or something spashing on it in the garage. If it comes back run your fingers over it and you should be able to tell what it is, by the smell and texture. If you take it in, then put your 25's back on, more than likely honda will tell you it came from the stress of the motor running the bigger tires, or you trying to push a load of gravel. Just pussyfoot around the questions, and make then get their own answer. hope this helps you out.
make sure you also take the lift off. dealers hate lifts
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