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2 Quick Question

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First, can someone point out where the air/fuel screw is on the carb? I removed the baffle and ever since then it's been backfiring like it's running lean. I just want to give it a bit more gas.

Second, has anyone ever taken pictures of the install of their clutch kit? I think I'm going to order mine this Friday but I'd like to see a few pics of what I'm dealing with what I'll be pulling off. Thanks!!!
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look in the how-to section and they have a clutch kit write up on there, should be the same principle for the most part from that 4wd to a 2wd bike, not hard to do as well, i did mine bymyself without taking the entire clutch out, did it with it connected to the bike, got very frustrated a few times but just stuck it out...also i dont even notice that much of a difference with it on the bike now, and i ended up breaking 2 bolts in the process of doing it
The A/F screw is on the bottom of the carb in front (engine side) of the float bowl. It does not have a phillips head like normal. It's a "D" shaped screw that takes a special tool. I just worked mine out with a pair of tweezers and used a dremel tool to cut a small slit so I could use a flat blade screwdriver to adjust now.
Hmmm...I will have to look again for that air/fuel screw.

As for the clutch, thanks. I'll be ordering mine this weekend.
I went to the dealer to buy the tool and they couldn't find the part# so one of the mechanics just gave me one out of his toolbox. If you have the tool you can adjust the A/F screw by just taking the right side plastic off and reaching in there. Without it you will probably need to take the carb out.
That would be great is someone had the part number. I'm tempted to order one form Honda.
this is from the foreman 500 parts sticky

also 928GT found this so give him all the credit

Special D Shaped Bit for Foreman Pilot Screw Adjustment

Motion Pro Part # 08-0242

Only $2.90, use with most hex drivers or a socket.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Thank you very much.

Edit: This just hit me. I have an old long bendable screwdriver with a air/fuel adjuster for my old Chevy carbuater. Now that I think about it, it is a D-shaped head. Wow, that would be awsome if it fit, I'll give it a try tonight.
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