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2 questions about air box/filter

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1. I took my air filter off today to clean it and it smelled like gas, the crank case filter did too. There was some water in the bottom of the air box in the red plug but it did not really smell like gas. Is this what happends when you don't shut the gas off when hauling it while the carb line is pluged? Would there have been enough gas to get into the crank case?

2. I cleaned my air filter off with soap and water, does it have to be bone dry to put the spray stuff on it or can it be a little damp?
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I would let it dry out as completely as possible because as you know water and oil don't mix. There will be a chance of there being spots with no oil if you don't let it dry.
my stock foremans filter also smells like gas and it looks like there has been something in the bottem but i can get my hand in to it since im to lazy to take the filter off. we always shut the gas off but we dont run the gas out of the carb. is this normall or no?
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