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2 different tires yalls theory

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was thinking maybe it would be a good machine if i had like vamps on back and then some mudbugs up front? what would that do to a bike? woudl it mess up some of the pull or something like that? has anyone ever done anything like this before?
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ive heard of people running laws in the back because of the side lugs and vamps in the front because they dig. havent heard of any other combos tho
if your running 27s and wanted the vamps on front and laws on rear, get the 28" edls on front and 27 in laws on back. All skinny vamps run short. But what is your type of riding? that would help alot
havent done any trail riding as of yet, onlytime im on a halfass trail is to get to the mud which is not even a mile ride, and half of it is through small ponds with mud in it, but the gas company said they will shut us riding out there if they find its getting torn up alot...then after that its all mud, it may not be super super thick mud but its nasty swamp mud.........also i ride down in like straight marsh duck hunting area, we ride our bikes in and out of the small water ways that in the winter time they use a boat to get to the blinds.....and that stuff is thick, it cakes the crap out of my vamps
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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