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1st service

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Gonna do the first oil change this weekend on my new bike, is there anything else you guys recommend or is that good for the first service.
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Im sure someone else with more knowledge will respond but I just had one done and my understanding from reading threads and from the dealer is that it is quite important to have all fluids changed because of metal filings and stuff that is left behind in the manufacturing gets in the fluids and over time can cause damage. So at the least you will want to change the differential oils.

I opted to take mine to the dealer for the 1st service just to make sure it was done right and because I bought it used with 200 miles and wanted them to check it all over it for me. Also as part of the 1st service package the dealer will adjust the valves, clutch, and idle if necessary and check/clean the air filter. The clutch and idle is easy but being not that mechanically inclined I didn't want to mess with the valves, though many do it themselves. My dealer only charged about $160 for the complete first service so I thought it was worth it to have them do it, but I have heard others charge more.

I will probably do futur oil changes myself but you may want to consider having a dealer do a service now and then.
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I had my first service done by the dealer due to the warranty and valve adjustment. The dealer also did some warranty stuff while it was in for service, alignment of steering and tightened up the steering. I paid $169.00 for the service. I will perform the services from this point on since it out of warranty.
Invest in a shop manual! I just did my first service and it cost me $100 including the shop manual $48. Get a good oil drain pan, funnel and metric socket set and should cost you $20. Go to your local auto parts store and get a feeler gauge $1. Then get your new oil, filter, crush washer (for oil drain plug) and gear dope. Grab some PJ1 air filter cleaner and filter oil $30. Grab a 6pack from the store and your good to go.

Then the transformation will be complete! You can then walk around with a big head the rest of the day cause you just did your first service!

Save your receipts for warranty purposes

Took me 3 hrs. The shop manual will pay for itself with one hr labor at the stealership. Oh and remember there is a lot of talent in these forums so if you get stumped on something just ask.

Good luck

Oh one more thing, the valve adjustment is not to critical. Sport bikes and sport quads hardly ever need an adjustment on the first service. I recommend checking it, but more than likely your valves are fine. The Shop manual has all this info!
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