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1st service 07 500 foreman

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what do I need to pick up from honda to do my 1st service,and how much fluid does everything hold?oil and diffs
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when you do it make sure u dont overtighten the the diff. filler caps. i sheared one in half earlier today.
think the oil change is about 2.5 quarts so 3 should be plenty to buy
After 20 hrs you need to do a valve inspection. You can figure out how to do it in the how-to forum. If you are not comfortable doing it, I would suggest taking it to the dealer. I made my dealer give me 1st service for half price. It takes about 2 shop hours to complete. Depending on shop rate mine was supposed to be $150ish but I paid $80. But I worked a special deal because I bought 2 at the same time.
I bought 2 at the same time and got both first and second services free. Had that thrown in before the deal!! Now that I have my wheels and snorkel etc. I've changed my oil about every week from finding new DEEP holes in my lake. I gues it is worth the trouble.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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