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1st gear feels weak

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i noticed yesterday when i pulled the bike around the yard to work on the exhaust snorkel i have been doing that 1st gear feels really weak, 2nd gear feels stronger than it does right now, when i hit the gas in 1st gear i should pop a wheelie or at least pull the front end up in the air somewhat, doesnt do that at all...usually when i ride in the deep mud holes where im very borderline of getting stuck im in 1st gear but when im riding in the stuff where everyone else has to put it in 1st gear and 4wd i can still be in second gear and be in 2wd...anyone know what could be the problem or ive im just paranoid

and does honda shops do tune-ups...or do u just have to go in and say i need my valves adjusted and also can yall take a look at this this and this???

thanks for the help
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1st gear on a foreamn is super low.. and yes the honda shop can do that... just tell them wat u need done or checked out and they will... best to see if a mechinc at the honda shop does work on the side.. if so he might not charge u as much an hour. i know thats how it is up here..
yea but in 1st gear you should be able to pop a wheelie, or thats how it is on most bikes, or are my tires just massively heavy and the front end doesnt wanna lift up...maybe it has always been like that and me just not notice at all
wat tires do u have...
27x10x12 vampires up front and 27x12x12 vampires out back...that can be my only guess...i dont think since ive had the bike i have been able to pull a full out wheelie on flat ground even in 1st maybe it cant be done... but then again im new to riding so maybe it can and im sitting to far forward
try putin a foot on the back rack and one on fhr floor board and pull up on the bars
or lean all the way back on while sittin down and then give it gas and pull up on baars
i dont wanna do wheelies, just was wondering what was up with my 1st gear, or is that the same with everyones foreman, i notice when i hit the gas in 1st gear from standing still the a$$ end want to sit down and the suspension compress...i know it use to do that in a ford ranger i use to have with a 302 in it, when u give it gas the rear end of the truck would squad ima guess like 2 or 3 inches from the torque....that maybe the same thing happening with this....for the most part only time i use 1st gear is when in mud hole or when im going up a good incline, otherwise 2nd gear does just fine with whatever, 1st gear is like 4 mph then i get annoyed by the sound of the motor at such high rpms
on a sra bike your rear end or rear rack should sit higher when you give it gas. on a irs bike your rear end or rack will sit lower when you give it gas.
your right it does lift up when i hit the gas, i didnt even notice or i just wasnt paying attention when i was pressing the gas
i cant just hit the gas on mine and pop the front enfd up. i have to stand one foot on the back rack, and mines all stock
my completely stock 500 wont do a wheelie in first gear ether i have to hit the gas in first and then quickly hit second with out letting off the gas and it gets the front end up a little bit but i just stay one the seat
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