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1mm over bore for 450es, gain how many cc's ?

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The piston I've got is a 1mm over bore. I don't know how to figure how many cc's I'm gaining.
Just wondering how big it's going to be with the 500cc stroker and the 1mm over bore?

Thanks Kevin
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Not much. I went with a 20mm over in mine.
Brother Don must be wrong on his piston size. If you went 20mm than I doubdt they even make a 1mm. I'll check and see again what size it is.
I could be wrong myself. This is what I have. PISTON (OS 0.50)
(OS 0.50) I just did the gear reduction in mine with the parts from a 300 and man what a difference. With my 29's it feels just like I got the stock 25's on it. With having the big lift and tires it'll pull the front wheels off the ground a good 8-10 inches but it runs out of first gear pretty quick but I'm very impressed.
Don said that the piston we have for it is the biggest overbore you can get with a Honda piston. So whatever that is that's what I've got.

Just geting the center cases together, my bro finding time to work on it is our bigest problem right now. We are doing the gear reduction with the 300 parst also.
Ya going with that piston that you are running isnt going to make that much of a difference. Thats just the last safe bore on a stock sleeve but I think you'll be happy with the stroker and gear reduction.
kevinb427 i see that sweet irs did you do it yourself or have it done and how much i want. it will keep me from buying a popo.
sorry i posted before i read your link have you thought about making a kit to sell id buy im pretty good at fabing but not at getting the right angle for the axles. if we lived closer id be offering some money for mine to get done i. how long did it take you fab wise. i see you did your crank what size are you running now?
It took me 6 month's from start 2 finish, a couple night's a week, sometimes not working on it for a couple week's. Not just on the fab work, we had to replace every bushing/berring and completly rebuild the entire engine.
The engine has a FST 500cc stroker crank and a 1mm over Honda piston, whatever that comes out to. I like to say it's a 510 cuz it sound's cool.

I started this project with just making a waterproof IRS Foreman in mind butt it turned into the Sledgehammer, it took on a life of it's own. I comited myself to it when I started and it took 3 month's longer than I expected.

I have absolutly no plans to build another one and would not do it for $$$. I don't have time and I realy don't like doing stuff after work, I get enuf of it at work and work is not fun. I'm hoping to not be in this buisnes at all in less than 6 months. I will still do stuff for myself and my family but that's it.
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thats cool i know how things can snow ball into months from my projects. i dont blame ou for not wanting to do any more. did you do all fab work ourself A-arm bends and all besides motor? im looking at doing it to mine or finding a rincon with a blown motor or tanns to rebuild a 450 to put in it. the only problem is honda used alumimnum A-arms onthe back so streching os out of the question. did youjust make longer ones inthe front to get more height? did you make any plans or drawings while making this or just out of your head. iknow its not realy that hard to fab it up but looking at your pics it made it look alot easyier to decide to make it myself.
My brother Don built the engine, everything else I did.

I did the rear 1st because I like doing the hard part 1st on thing's. I tryed to match the height and width of the rear when I made the front. The front is all new A-arms, the only part of the original A-arms is the ball joint mount's.
No plan's/drawing's I did a few sketches to get some ideas butt once I started I just knew what I was going to do. Sometimes I would scrap some stuff because I got a better idea, it just takes time, patience, alot of measuring and some metal fabing knowhow.
I've been working in metal shop for 12+ years some thing's I do and don't even have to think about it just from past experience.
The level, square and measuring tape are you're best friend's on somthin like this.
thats great i wanted to do things like that but i only get to do it as a hobby now. i probaly would have already done mine but 1st time and 2nd money i done have enough extra and i dont have a nice shop to work in YET. you found the rincon parts on ebay where they iin the parts area or did you just happen to find them? i will diffently be lookibng for more of your projects. to better help mine along as soon as i find a rearend im going to chop mine.
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