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1999 foreman 450 es

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hi all yes i'm a newbie, but anyhow i need some advice the jug on my foreman has a couple rough spots in it i had the jug bore checked,it read from top 3.533 middle 3.536 bottom 3.539 should i just hone it out or bore
it if you can bore it.. or is the best thing to resleeve it. thank you all

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Who measured the cylinder for you..?.. The micrometer used sounds like it may need to be calibrated .. The large micrometers come with a rod (with the length written on it) for checking the calibration ..

Stock is: 90.00 - 90.01 (3.543 - 3.544) .. service limit is: 90.10 (3.547)
On eBay I see a 1st. oversize piston and cylinder that has been bored to match the piston (which is the proper way to do it).. And it's been done properly using #600 stones which Honda recommends for max. engine life ...
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