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1999 foreman 400 no rear drive!!!

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front wheels are pulling but nothing happening with rear drive??? axle is not broken(both wheels turn when on stand and spun by hand) also looked in diff and can see crown gear is turning no problem I have not disasembled yet but am guessing stripped Axle or diff ???? has any one had this prob ans how is easiest way to fix (new axle new diff both ) from what i read in here the axle slides out the right side ?? any suggestions be greatly appretieted
ty Gibby
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You'll have to pull the axle and remove the differential the splines and also to check the pinion & driveshaft / universal...

If you need this section from the Honda shop manual just reply and I'll post it ..
Thank you

Thanks I'll see how far I can get and get back to you in a few days after I get time to tear it apart
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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