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1999 450 es timing chain tensioner

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anyone know how many parts the tensioner has and any idea what they cost.. under a load it doesn't make noise but when it idles it slaps especially a shut down. also do i have to pull the engine out ant take the cylinder off again thank you all

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The tensioner itself is one piece plus gasket, then you have the guides inside the motor that the chain rides on.
The top end will needs to come off to replace the tensioner. The motor does not have to be pulled to do this job. The tank fenders, fuel tank, sheild under tank, header pipe, carb and air box will need to be removed to pull the top end.
A puller will be needed to get the centrif clutch off to change the timing chain. I find it easier if I stand the bike up on end to do the work. Just make sure everything is clean before doing the work, also stuff rags in the engine to keep from dropping anything inside the block.
not sure if the last PM went through. I run the DID chains on my bikes, I have been using them for years with no problems
Foreman26. That is just how mine sounded when i discovered it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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