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1995 400 Foreman

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Does a 1995 400 Foreman ES have the Trax lock Fearture?
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Honda did'nt make the Foreman 400 "ES," They were all shifted with the foot... and no they didnt have the traxlock feature

That's what I thought. I am looking at buying a bike and in the picture it shows ES and Trax Lock. But the add states that it is a 1995 400. It has to be a 450 ES because it does not have the plastic on the handle bars.
must be a typo, but I think 98 was the first year for ES on the 450's
What is the link to the website? or is it in a newspaper or something?

I would rather not reveal the location at this time I will post pics once it is purchased.
The 95 Foreman 40 has NO instrument panel at all. They didn't start till 97. Did it get purchased yet? I am like the others and am interested to see who made such a typo! LOL
It cant be a 1995 450es because (as far as my knowledge goes) they didnte make it back then they didnt start til' 1998.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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