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1988 Honda Foreman 350d 4x4 is a BEAST!!!

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Yesterday my brother was on the ol 88 Honda and was backing up to the pond when he went a little to far. the fourwheeler rolled down the side of the pond rite into the water. the whole thing was under water for about 2 min. we pulled it out with the tractor. then took the front end loader and picked the front end up and let it drain all the water then we drained carburater then we to spark plug out dried it, sanded it then with the spark plug out we hit the start button and blew all the water out of the head and then we took the air filter out and let dry. later when all was put back on the ol 88 honda fired rite up. and believe it or not i think it runs better now. it starts, idols, and runs better. suprised me!!!
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GOOOOO HONDA...Gotta love it. And you wonder why you picked a Honda.. Speaks for itself..
hey cody sounds like something u and your bro would try to do talk to ya later
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