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12v accessory socket from Honda

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Does anyone know where the spare 12v accessory socket mounts, on Honda's website it says on the rear but doesn't give a location.
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QUOTE ("bsrubicon07":3vg8hjou)
Does anyone know where the spare 12v accessory socket mounts, on Honda's website it says on the rear but doesn't give a location.
I just bought one and was disapointed with their location choice. Also as usual there was a 4-5 page installation document where you basically strip the ATV to the frame just to install the wiring harness.

They supply a nice bracket that is clamped to the rear rack just to the right (facing the rear) of the rear storage compartment.

I had just made a custom rear winch mount and I used the nice bracket and bolted it to the plate beside the winch. I then used the nice harness with the waterproof connector to the socket and ran it straight to the battery (fused). I prefer it this way as I will mostly use it for charging the battery and with my Spot Sprayer. The Honda harness provided goes all the way to the front socket where it has a "y" connector to tie into the front socket. To me this was silly plus it will only work with the key on like the front one and add additional hours on my hour meter for no reason.

All in all I am OK with spending the $36 for the kit as it was nice to have the high quality waterproof socket with waterproof connectors and harness to do it the way I did it.

For some strange reason I thought it was going to be in a cooler location like that oval snap in panel below the seat release knob, oh well it's done and I have what I needed.

Hope that helps.
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thanks 928gt thats exactly what i needed to know
I just installed a rear accessory socket on the foreman. I went to the honda shop and bought a genuine honda 12v socket, for a goldwing I think. I just cut off the connector on the end, and wired it to a pod mounted switch. Ran the switch strait to the battery with an inline fuse. This way when I get a sprayer or spreader, all I have to do is plug it in and then control it with the switch. I installed the socket right in the rear mudflap. here is a pic.
Mind if I hijack your thread?

I was curious, is it ok to run a 120v inverter in the 12v accessory jack? I wasn't sure if the quad could handle the load...I want to run several things (video camera, gps, radio etc) while riding.
I've done that for several years on a Kawi 400 and Foreman 400. I just bought a 07 Rubicon and plan to do the same. Primarily I use it for GPS and camcorder. I would suggest that you watch the overall amp draw and be careful not to run everything at once, e.g., extra lights, winch and inverter.
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