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12's or 14's

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Looking at getting some new feet for my bike, and not sure if I should go with the 12's or the 14's. I just found out about 14's today, and I'm curious to know the benefits and down falls. They'd be going on an 06 500S. Thanks guys
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what size tires are these going to be mounted with?
The one thing I've noticed about the 14 inch rims is that for some reason people don't seem to keep them very long. I don't know why but that has been my observation. Does anyone know if they would cause any undue strain on the front axles??
very little tire selection for the 14s.
Maybe thats why they don't keep them, never thought of that. Thanks Rob.
i would go with the 12", i would love some 14" for mine but but like rob said there is not to big of a selection. hopefully in a couple of years all the major brands will upgrade to 14" but untill then the selection is very slim.
its like Robb and Mad Mudder said, u wont have as big a tire selection with 14s. i would surely go with 12s
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