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07 trx500fe shock upgrade

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Hello All ,

Currently my 07 TRX500FE has full skid plates, a arms, bash plates. I also just added a Savant BG18 Brush Guard to the front ( Its awesome, highly recommended 35Lbs) and a Warm 2.5 winch on the front. Currently the suspendion doesn't seem to have suffered to much with the added weight. I can tell a little difference in steering, and hard front breaking does have a little dive , not much. I will be adding additional weight to the front rack ( cordless chain saw, 18v batteries, rope, first aid kit,1 gallon water carrier,ect) . Does anyone recommend a specific model of front shock ? I'm not looking to increase the body height, the stock center of gravity is perfect for steep mnt climbs, and the added front weight really helps the front tires to lock in. I'm looking to just be able to support the additional front weight and maintain safety ..
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ya high lifter lift springs. u can get them from or
u can add a extra 150 lbs i think
would you post a pic of the brush guard from the front?
Eric ,

Here's the URL showing the brush guard . It weights at 34lbs , and really helps when going thru pine/sappling thicketts :

<a href="" target="_blank">

This who I bought it from as well .. :// as well .. </a>
Just an FYI ,

The Savant Brush bumper does mount to the existing bumper .. Recently I replaced the front bumper on a friends 06 Foreman . He had hit a tree and the bumper basically broke at the x2 upper welds on the top cross member. Upon receiving the new bumper, (which is the same as the 07), we realized it now only has x1 weld, Stronger ??? we'll see . I have used my front bumper to brace my foreman to winch other ATV's out with no give. I have also rammed not so small sapplings with no damage to the 07 style front bumper . My foreman actually did a cart wheel across the OEM front bumper, and landed on its wheels with no damage to it . 07 style bumper stronger ?? I would say yes , but how much ?????
Just an FYI ..
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