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'07 transmission updates?

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(This was written by honda mechanic in Jan of '06)
"I've had several 500's tore down for crankshafts (part of the clutch plate recall) .. Honda used a different type of "gear dog & slot" on the 500 .. I'm not a big fan of this type of transmission .."

Has there been any changes to the '07 transmisson, or is it the same setup? Thanks
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What is the clutch plate recall? I have an 06 should I take it in to the dealer?
The recall was for '05 centrifugal clutch drive plate, they could wear. I wouldn't worry about that for your '06.
I called the dealer and they said 06 was OK, Thanks
Does this affect all 05s,es,manual etc.
I know nothing about it.
I am not sure what models they affect, I think there were certain vin numbers that were associated with the problem, so yours might be fine.
just spacific vins of the 2005 foreman 500 if the dealer hasnt already called you then you should be good.
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