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07 Rubicon swing arm come undone

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Bought a 07 Rubi in Camo about a month ago, coming home from the timber and just pulled into the drive and the rear brakes locked up. Looked back and noticed the rear axle sitting about 35 degrees off, the swing arm pivot came out on the right side. Dealer fixed it of course but glad it didn't do it when I was running at full speed. The rear brake cables pulled tight and kept it from ripping out. Anyone else hear of this? Other than that I like this machine.
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Thats Crazy. you really could have been hurt. So what happened, did the nut back off or unthread!
Thats not cool at all, now I'm going to have to go outside and check my swingarm right now.

I noticed that the black plastic cap was gone, the funky looking nut was backed off and the pin was all the way thru the frame but didn't fall out due to the brake cable bracket. Dealer said they had never seen or heard of this, they called Honda and they said the same. For future ref, my not hurt to take a pre ride peak. Had one heck of a time loading it on the trailer, back brakes were locked, just got back from a hunting spot of 200 acres of jungle, glad it didn't happen back in there not sure how I would have gotten it out.
We also had a new Rubicon CTE that the swingarm came out of the pivot .. It also stretched the cables & bent the shocks ..
Unacceptable, especially from Honda.
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