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07 Rancher

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New engine covers and single tailight
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EFI and a new front nose, and a new motor its a 420 now.
MODEL FourTrax® Rancher™ (TRX420TM)
M.S.R.P. Request a Quote
Engine OHV, wet-sump, longitudinally mounted, 1-cylinder, 4-stroke, fuel-injected OHV,
Displacement 420 cc
Bore x Stroke 86.5 x 71.5 mm
Carburetion 34 mm Keihin throttle-body fuel-injection
Transmission 5-speed with reverse
Final Drive Direct rear driveshaft
Suspension Front: Independent double-wishbone; 6.3 in. travel
Rear: Swingarm with single shock; 6.3 in. travel
Brakes Front: Dual hydraulic disc
Rear: Sealed mechanical drum
Tires Front: 24 x 8-12
Rear: 24 x 10-11
Length 80.9 in.
Width 46.1 in.
Height 45.2 in.
Wheelbase 49.4 in.
Seat Height 32.4 in.
Turning Radius 8.9 ft
Ground Clearance 6.5 in.
Dry Weight 522 lbs.
Fuel Capacity 3.7 gal.
Colors Blue, Red, Olive
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DOH.. its ugly..

lol imo the 04 -06 were really good looking

just the power..
wonder how these engines are
Definately more slick looking and HOT camo pattern...except for the tail light.. All in all...Nice changes......Kill the single light idea..
****, fuel injection!!! I bet next year the foreman gets it.
the rear tail light is back to the '02 rancher.....retro i guess.the front is BuTT ugly....the back axle is open now???wtf???? I like how they made the 4x4 disconnect like a warn 424 tho...lever on left that camo color is an option.awesome in the motor department...can't wait to try one out.longer suspension travel by 3/4" or so front and back...I wonder how different this whole bike is from the '04-'06? the '04-'06 ranchers had a great look and IMO one of the best looking atv's to date i'd say.I just don't get the front bumper on the '07 it looks like the cheap pep boys atv's with that.still a great deal tho...I'm sure power will be above the 400 outty now and put it in the 450 kodiak class.and thank god i don't here the bitchin and whining here of ...waaahhh no locker...waaahhh no bad this thing will sell like hotcakes on a sunday morning at a mennonite church in Pa.
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i agree with Rincon 650. they did make some really nice changes but the 1 tailight just messes everything up
I don't like the front end and the single tail light. I know why they did the single light. It saves on parts as they can now mold the rear fenders as one whole piece.
I do like the black near the gas tank. My rancher npw has black imbedded in the plastic from my black riding pants rubbing on the plastic.
I'm sure there is a little more power with the upgraded engine. I'm in no hurry to get rid of mine yet.
i love it and i will be getting one when they come out! its excatly what ive been looking for. so what do yall think i should do to it? for mostly trail riding messing around and what ever comes in my way on the trails? i will also mud it but only when i need to. thanks mason franks
11 inch rear rim size is a big turn off....most 400's out there with different brand is 12'inch! trying to soften the ride with fat tires and one rear shock ? hmm ? unlike my 400at, there is no protection for the SRA as minei s fully enclosed and i feel that the rear brake is in vulnerable area, not having it inside the rear rims for more clearance. At least they came up with EFI and two front discs!

has anyone seen a new 07 on the dealer floor yet? when are they suppose to hit the floor? Are they holding them expecting the 06' mdoels to sell out prior to releasing it?
I like the black below the seat, but it makes it look more like the trx450.
Ugly the 04's IMO looked the best to me and the new ones are just plain ugly.
wonder why they made it a 420? its almost as bad as polaris because the got the 330 o well atleast they are trying.
The TRX420 also doesn't use the same swingarm that Honda has used for years ...
all new parts...all new game.I'll prolly just shop for another 350 or just get a 400at for the wife to ride.or heck...just buy myself a new rinny and give the wife my rancher,that would work.
it would be nise if foreman got liquid cooled and efi next those are the only things pushing me to look at rinnys when ever i get my own bike the only thing i dont like about rinny is the more price, IRS, and auto tranny but i also like the bigger motor
I'd like to see Honda keep the Foreman the simple machine that it already is.Forget the EFI,liquid cooled crap and keep it simple so it is easier for us owners to work on.
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