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07 rancher?

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So what are all the rancher owners hearing about the 07 ranchers? Looking to get an upgrade for the wife and am wondering if I should wait untill the 07's come out.
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I havent heard anything about them changing the rancher they dont need to the racher is one of the most solid bikes that honda makes other then the 250 recon
Why cant honda do disc brakes?

Love the rancher, hate the drums.

As a matter of fact, if not for the foreman having a front disc brake, I was going to buy a kodiak 450. Yamaha is all about disc brakes and diff locks.
I am a die hard honda fan, but the stupid little things with this foreman will make me think a lot harder if I purchase another motorcylce or atv.

Hopefully I can get the quirks worked out. Right now I take my wifes rancher hunting because I have little faith in my foreman.
I think the changes to the '07 rancher will be very nice.....
I've read last month's Dirt bikes magazine and they are saying that Honda isnt saying that they will continue producing 350's and 400AT's anyone know about this?

my sources say...the 350 will be discontinued and so will the 400at...the same chassis will be used possibly with the 400 class motor.this atv will be available in S or ES models.selectable 4X4 too.......but guys this is what my special 8 ball told me after i shook it up.....maybe irs.they need an atv with irs besides their flagship model.yami has the kodiak,also the can-am 400,kawi the prarie 360,popo sp450.....i think this is the market they are gunning for with the new model.but then again they could just release it with black or pink plastics and hooray.....the new model.that's running for the toilet and hoping you make it then nothing happens when you get there..
I love the IRS in the Rincon, but do agree that I can't go thru nearly as much as ya'll with the Foremans do.. This is because I can not rock it side to side to get better traction in the mud...The IRS just gives and retracts up into the fenders... The ride is GREAT, but not much for MUD performance. Just my 2 cents..
I just look at the 07 rancher today. But I don't like liquid cool cause I like mud and the radiator will get cloged up. But you can always put in on the front racks. But the outher part is the fuel injected part. Electric and water don't mix. My friends went out in NC riden two had 06 350 ranchers one had 07 rancher. They wen through some water hardley touching the floor bords and the 07 started messing up as they were going down the road it kept spitten and spuddering then it cut off. So the 07 is really not looking to good for me to invest in right now. I just like the old fashion carb. air cooled. Oil and gas.
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