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07 frame (with 05/06 engine) foreman S intermediately blowing air out of carb

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so this bike was brought to me not running, with a new carb. i put a new battery (it would not hold a charge), put fresh gas in, inspected the carb internals (they are clean),verified strong spark, spark plug is in decent shape (spark timing has not been verified) noticed air was being pulled in and out of carb (no flame or popping sound), intake valve is straight,when the compression TDC mark is in the middle of the inspection hole. intake is loose, exhaust is tight. engine will not start at idle but at WOT on choke which i believe in its current state it needs the additional air flow to have enough dynamic compression and spark timing to fire,my question to you is is this a cam timing issue, or could it be something else like a bad cam/ lifter

also it has a newer jug, was snorkeled, someone has been inside the motor (grey sealant on the front cover seem),b
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