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07 foreman500 wheels

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anybody ever put stock rear wheels on the front? i'm getting new tires, want to keep the wheels though. i was gonna try to pick up some rear wheels to slap on the front so i got wide tires all the way around. sound like its worth my time?
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If you put the rears on the front you will need to get some spacers for the rear or the front tires will stick out 3" farther than the rears.
twinkota. were u at cuz i have my mudlites and rims for sale.
crestview fl. close to pensacola. what kinda condition and how much you asking?
There is a tread on this site somewhere about this, I asked the same question and a guy posted pics of it and we decided it was too much of a strain on the front end parts.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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