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'07 Foreman

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You just might wish to compare the '06 to the '07 Foreman.

I don't know all the differences, but like the ones I know about. Just check them out.
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I see no differences other then the new camo option, is there something I missed?
I take that back, I guess they added power steering...interesting
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
now power steer is making us too lazy
only changes other than colors,are only one oil cooler,and a single tail light
you are right, Honda is gettin cheap!
Yuck....Single tail light ??? Personally, I don't care for the single...The double looks more up to date. The old ones had the single...
yeah i think power steering is totally lame...and the single tailight is stupid too.the twins worked great as you can usually see at least one of them when their muddy.
I'm glad I bought my '06. Two oil coolers should be better than one,and I talso think two taillamps looks better.I wonder if the one oil cooler is much larger,making up for the loss of one?
Wow! what is honda thinking? I'm so glad I got mine when I did. I love the tail lights on my 05. Does the 07 even have a tool box? Is the power steering only on the ES? Is that the new rancher next to the foreman in that one pic?
Yeah, goin' back to a single tail lamp is kinda weak.

I can see eliminating the extra oil cooler. The one they eliminated was the lesser of the two anyway. It actually will make it less expensive as far as upkeep in the long-run. They added the upper fan-assisted cooler to aid the lower one that would get clogged with mud anyway. I would think two is better, but maybe Honda knows something we don't?

At least they kept the two shocks on the rear axle

From what I can tell there is 2 07 ES's. One has the power steering and one tail light and one oil cooler. The other one is the same as ours are.
Jaxom we need pics of yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank God that they give you an option of the regular one and the new one.. I can see the older style selling out and having alot of the others sitting on the show room floor.....
The single tail light is a L.E.D. unit, mounted on the tool box door. Disc brakes up front. Black engine covers. I did not get power steering, after riding the Brute Force the Foreman felt very light already.

Also, the front bumper bracket has changed from 06 to 07. Instead of a tube, it is a C channel. The Warn winch mount would not work with the new bumper so the dealer changed it. He had to take a bumper from an 06 Rubicon and put it on my 07 Foreman!!!

I don't know anything about the earlier model years, but if you have a specific question, I will be happy to try to answer it for you.

Pics will be taken in the a.m. but here are a couple for now:
<a href="" target="_blank"> ... 120136.jpg</a>

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... 110043.jpg</a>
I have a GPS moved out of the way and tilted down in front of the pod light.
I was thinking of trading mine in for a new one but not now. I will keep my cool tail lights lol.
do all of the new ones have 1 tailight or just certain models? the one tailight just doesnt look as tough to me
I don't understand all the concern with only one tail light. I never see it and I don't care what the others have to look at when they're BEHIND me. I guess I just don't get it.

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Jaxom I want ur trailer!!!!!!!
IMO the new rancher is gonna completely devestate the foreman on sales, only 55 cc diff. with fuel injection, honda shoulda done something useful with the foremans, but like i said just my opinion
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