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07 Foreman TRX500FM or 07 Rancher TRX420FM....

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I'm in the market to purchase a new atv and my local dealership has an 07 TRX500FM 4x4 for $5199 (before TT&L) and an 07 TRX420FM 4x4 for $4799 (before TT&L). I was initially just looking to get the Rancher, but for $400 more, should I go ahead and get the Foreman? The plus side for the Foreman is that it's a little bigger with dual shocks in the back and the electronic display with hours and mileage... where as the Rancher manual shift does not have the display feature.

I just bought a few acres of land and will need the 4wheeler to haul equipment. I also like to do a little trail/mud riding when I can.

So I took my research a little further and looked at the kelley blue book retail values (used) for both of these atvs. The Foreman has held it's value better, going from $5199 initial cost to $5080 used retail. The Rancher went from $4799 initial cost to $4030 used retail.

Which one should I get (no bias please)? Thanks in advance!

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If you are going to use it for more work than play get the Foreman. The larger size will come in handy with heavier work, yet will not be an issue when playing on the trails.
Plus one on what 928GT said, get the Foreman.
my foreman pulled a ford ranger up an ice and snow covered road out of a valley here in the mountains of PA. Not the fastest bike but they pull and pull and pull some more. The first gear is awesome for work.
Thanks for the responses. I'll keep you posted on what I decide. I'm hoping to buy before the end of this month. Thanks again!
if you are going to be using it to pull stuff. get the foreman, it is a much heavier bike and will be a better buy for you.

if you pick up the front end of each bike u will see how much heavier the foreman is.

the rancher is also EFI, i perfer a carb bike- foreman. IMO
QUOTE ("selah86":2pzklhvc)
the rancher is also EFI, i perfer a carb bike- foreman. IMO
Good point, the guys at the dealership steered me away from the Rancher FI. They said they had much more problems with those and to wait a year or 2 untill the ATV FI got sorted out better. One guy said they were having to install new spark plugs left and right on the Rancher FI to keep them running right during display BEFORE they were sold.
yeah im not a fan of the EFI mainly b/c i ride a lot of water.

i was very disappoined when i found out the new polaris RZR was EFI b/c i was gonna get that as my next toy... prolly wait about a year and see how they do.

honda should make a side by side
get the Foreman. you wont regret it. we have an ES and we havent had any problems with it in almost 3 years
I didn't think that was an option. Honestly have you sat on the ranger and then sat on the foreman. That should be enough to change your mind.
im just commiting on the fact that the foreman is reliable. and yes i have sat on a rancher they are to small and sag to much in there rear.
I've ridden both and I just worry that the foreman is too big for me. I feel more comfortable on the rancher. My cousin has a 2005 rancher 350 manual shift that I really like. He is selling it for $3800 but I think for that price ($300 over kbb retail) I might as well get a new one.
I was in the same boat, trying to make the same choice. Foreman! If you are a bigger guy (height) you'll definitely appreciate the foreman over the rancher. Sitting on the rancher felt like it was a kid's bike compared to the Foreman. Granted, I didn't NEED the extra power but the overall comfort has been well worth the extra $$. Besides that, all have pointed out the reliability issues of Foreman vs. NEW rancher....the old one's were great.

It was my first ATV and honestly I figured the foreman to be too big and too much power but took it easy at first and have come to be very comfortable with it. Just my 2 cents from the same boat!
Get the Foreman, even if you never need the power at least it is there should you do, where as with the 420, you're stuck if you do find yourself needing it.
If you're positive you dont want the foreman, go for the used 350. Bulletproof bike also.
I"m going to play the advocate hear. Although I haven't ridden either bike, this advise is coming from my experience with my Rubicon and my friends 400 Rancher. As far as pulling goes, unless you are pulling very large loads the Rancher should be more than enough, and if you are a smaller person and the Rancher feels more comfortable I'd get it. I used to ride a sport bike before I got the rubicon and sometimes find myself missing a lighter more sporty bike. But the best thing you can do is ride them both and buy the one that you feel most comfortable with. Good luck.
I have an 06 foreman 500 and the wife has an 07 420 rancher, both ES. If you mostly play and trail ride get the Rancher, mostly work and mud bog get the foreman although they're both good all around bikes. I don't understand the posts about getting the foreman over the rancher for more power. My wifes 420 will smoke my foreman. That being said, my wife and I both like my foreman better, it's just a big solid built bike that will be running at the end of the day.
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