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07 foreman might be Back firing but not sure???

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I just bought a 2007 foreman S. I went riding this past weekend and I thought my quad was back firing but i'm not sure. The only time it sounded like it was when I was going down a steep hill and had it in secod or third gear so it wouldn't be going to fast down the hill. The exhaust sounded like it would be just a little bit louder from time to time but not the whole way down. Was is back firing or is that a normal sound? I could hammer down on it and let off at any time and not hear that sound. When I would climb steep hills and left off to shift gears you wouldn't hear that noise. Can anyone tell me what this might be or is it anything to be concerned about? Could it just be the back pressure was high or something like that?
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I would think its the engine braking, its normal enjoy!
Thanks for the info. I just wanted to make sure nothing was wrong. I just sounded like a louder pop every once in a while but this exhaust sounds louder then the one on my 03 foreman,
When I rode it again it's still doing it. It almost sounds like just a small pop but not all the time. I could hammer down on the throttle and let off and nothing at all. Just going down hills. Is this normal? Thanks
Mine did it

I had the same problem. I rejetted mine. Then it stopped. I live in Montana and our bikes aren't jetted right for where we live.
Try that next. I used the dyno jet kit. Washer on the third clip from top and use 165 main jet. The Honda jet is different from the dyno jet. Meaning a 165 main jet in the Honda is different from a 165 Dyno jet.
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