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07 Foreman Jetting Suggestions

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I've already installed an HMF slip on muffler. HMF sent me a 170 jet but did not sent me the "D" adjustment tool for the air/fuel mixture. I called them, but they said they did not sell the adjustment tool but they did recommend that the air/fuel be adjusted before I rode the machine.

Honda dealership does not sell the tool so I called Dynojet and talked to a technician. They do sell the tool seperate from the kit. He asked me why I needed to adjust the air/fuel mixture on such a new machine.

I told him the story and he suggested I buy a complete kit. He stated that why just jet it half way??? So long story short I ordered the dynojet kit.

My question is: I don't care that much for top end speed I want low end torqe (for coming out of creeks and mud holes). I really dont want the bike to be a gas hogg. I have a stock air filter on it. Do I need a K&N filter to go along with the HMF. What mods do I need to make to the carb for low end torqe and still have good fuel mileage???? What jet should I start with? We ride near Charlotte NC and travel once a month to WV's Hatfield/McCoy

PS: With the 170 in the carb from HMF it runs like going to a fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Before I bought the dynojet kit I had just a K&N and HMF and it ran fine only changing the main jet to the 170, but it ran a little better at idle and starting after I installed the dynojet kit and adjusted the A/F screw to 2.5 turns out with the 170 DJ Mainjet.
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