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07 ES Shifting Problem

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When I use the brakes or turn on the lights the ES stops working and flashes the gear 2 times then two dashes. I pulled the wires off of both brake light switches and it shifted great until I tried to turn on the lights and it would not shift, so as long as I don't use the brakes or lights i can shift fine. Any help will be appreciated.
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Sounds like your battery is shot.There's another post on here somewhere about the same problem.The ES won't operate correctly if your battery is no good.
I just bought it in end of December and have 60 hours on it I thought the battery would have lasted longer than that. If it is the battery should I buy a very good quality new one or get it replaced under warranty? I know it is obviously cheaper to get it replaced under warranty but I don't want to have this problem every three months.
i'd take it back to dealer. whether he admits it or not the battery probably didnt initially charge it fully the first time. mine is 2+ years old and no problems. if he wants future busy he should take care of you.
Take it back to the dealer. They can test the battery. Brand new batteries can be bad. A place like Autozone can test the battery as well if you don't trust your dealer.
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