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If you want to come out the side this is what i done 2'' 45 out of the air box real tight fit you will also have to change the hose clamp at the air box it will have to be 21/2 inches at least .
then attcahed to the 45 I used a 2'' no hub basically a rubber hose with 2 hose clamps it is also a tight fit to get it over the female side of the 45.
Then I used a shop vac hose a came out of the side I had to cut the plastic piece ( black ) to give it room to come out I also taped the shop vac hose where it connects to the no hub with heat sheild tape and black duct tape.
I thgen ran the shop vac hose up the fender to a 2'' to 11/2'' reducer, then a 11/2 90 now cut your pipe to lenght then put a 11/2 p trap then I cut a short piece of 11/2 pipe to be able to attach a female cap that I can screw in while traveling and luckily no jetting and bike runs fine.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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