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'07 500 Snorkle

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alright... i've looked at the HOW TO, i've got the part list, im ready to do this... but it still wont work for me. i cannot get my quad to keep running when i put a 1.5" pipe coming out of the airbox with a 90 on it. it will sputter and die when i give it gas.
i am planning to run 1.5" out of the airbox then go to 2" about mid-way through the process to the snorkle pipe.

can i please get a step by step pics/insturctions on how to do this? also, please indicate what lengths and size of the pipe you are using.
plz dont reply with the HOW TO link... i've seen it haha

i know im asking a lot and it might be the dumbest post ever... but i need help damnit!! lol
thanks guys.
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Here is the list of exact parts used in my snorkel in order from air box to top of snorkel.

1 1/2" 45 deg elbow

4" long 1 1/2" pipe

1 1/2" 45 deg elbow

5" long 1 1/2" pipe

2" to 1 1/2" rubber reducer

11" long 2" pipe

2" 45 deg. elbow

8 1/2" long 2" pipe

2" 45 deg. elbow

Short piece of 2" PVC to connect 45 and 90

2" 90 deg. elbow

Short piece of 2" PVC to connect 90 to threaded coupler

2" threaded coupler

16 ga sheet metal I would have used thicker but I had this laying around.

2" galvanized steel pipe coupler

2" threaded coupler

A piece of 2" PVC how ever long you want your snorkel to be.

2" 90 deg. elbow
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If you want to come out the side this is what i done 2'' 45 out of the air box real tight fit you will also have to change the hose clamp at the air box it will have to be 21/2 inches at least .
then attcahed to the 45 I used a 2'' no hub basically a rubber hose with 2 hose clamps it is also a tight fit to get it over the female side of the 45.
Then I used a shop vac hose a came out of the side I had to cut the plastic piece ( black ) to give it room to come out I also taped the shop vac hose where it connects to the no hub with heat sheild tape and black duct tape.
I thgen ran the shop vac hose up the fender to a 2'' to 11/2'' reducer, then a 11/2 90 now cut your pipe to lenght then put a 11/2 p trap then I cut a short piece of 11/2 pipe to be able to attach a female cap that I can screw in while traveling and luckily no jetting and bike runs fine.
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you've got a private message.
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