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07 500 ES gear position indicator flashing / cant shift !

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My POS started doing this a month after i got it ! I took it to the dealer and he said "water was in the connector"
I told em BS that I was babying the thing for the break in , anyways they "got rid of the water" and it worked fine for about a month then it started with the prob all over again. it was mention that it was the angle sensor....but the dealer wont tell us where it is located....anyone know where the angle sensor is located along with any other connections related to it or the possible problem? any ideas of how much it will cost to fix? Thanks for any help....
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The angle sensor is at the front of the engine beside the shift control motor it has a metal guard over it ... Here is a picture of it ..

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Thanks 4 the info !

I'll check it out asap ! Do you happen 2 know exactly what plug/connection would cause this problem by getting wet ?

If so what 2 do 2 correct it ? Silcone ? (the dealer said they used dielectric grease)

Any other suggestions as far as the plug/connection goes ?
fill it full of dielectric greese and then take electrical tap and cover the connetion.
Kapt Kurt if you were to do a search you would find all kinds of information about your problem. I will give you a quick rundown but you may want to do a search to get all the previous posts. Like you I have a 2007 ES and like you I had the same problem. Was your gear indicator flashing and if so how many times. Mine was flashing 3 times which indicates a problem with the angle sensor. Mine started doing it with less than 200miles on it but unfortunately was not still under warranty so I did a bunch of research and thanks to the people on here got it fixed myself.

The dealer was probably correct about the water in the connection, when I replaced my angel sensor there was water in there. A new one is about $40 you can get a new one or first just try taking the old on off and reinstalling it using as much dielectric grease in the connection as you can while still allowing it to connect correctly. It is very easy to find and not that hard to replace, I found it easier to just remove the bottom skid plate (if you still have the factory one) then to do it from the side. Anyway like I said do a search and you will find a lot more info on it, if you still have questions ask. If it is still under warranty I would have the dealer fix it again.
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Also meant to add that I had babied mine and never took it in any water more than a puddle, problems with the ES system seems to be quite common and one of the most common problems is with the angle sensor.
i've had my two atv's for over a year now and i have never had any problems with mine other than cv boots and i take mine to the extreme all the time.
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