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07 & 06 Foreman stall on long steep down hill runs

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Hello all ,

Its my first post and most likely 1 of many ...

I do most of my riding in the N.Ga Mnts .. lots of slow steep down hill desents . After just a few minutes of riding steep downhill,my trx will stale and wont restart till level. I believe its due to no fuel getting out of the tank pit **** . This has happened on x2 07's and a 06 all happen at 3/4 tank or 1/2 tank . Has anyone else had this issue if so is there a resolve to it , other than a completely full tank at all times.
Thanks .
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i used to have that problem all the time on my rubicon. it didnt really bother me too much so i never did anything to fix it. i really dont know how to fix it unless you would put another pit **** in. that may be too much trouble than its worth though but would work. welcome to the site
Welcome! Have you tried switching to reserve on the valve to see if it still happens?

I've tried switch to the res after it stalled, no go ... as soon as it levels out , a few cranks it starts. It's happened to mw x2 and just about the exact same time on my friends 07 on the same grade . He was behind me when his stalled . It to wouldn't start till level .
alot of times it is because the fuel doesn't hit the petcock like mad mudder said. also the fuel in the carb bowl can get a such an angle that it cannot get used. i had that problem in a jeep that i used to have.

i've never had that problem on my bike but i'm sure it can happen.
This is the only thing that really pisses me off about the Honda. Electric fuel pump.............?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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