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Any recommendations for a clutch spring kit on a 06 rubicon 500? I noticed when I get into DEEP mud my engine rpms get kinda low , Even in low gear .(deep mud by my house is only @ 2 feet or so)and I know this is only a PUDDLE to some of you ! . Sometimes it worrys me because I dont think the tires are going to keep me spining . I know that EPI makes a HIGH STALL , a performance and a economy kit ,but I not sure which one to get. I already have 26inch MUDLITE XL's .I plan on adding a hmf ,K&N and a jet kit also. ANY other advice would be appreciated.
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what does a clutch kit do? how hard are they to put it i got the 05 rubicon
A clutch kit will let the engine build more RPMs .As the engine spins the clucth pads move out to engage .The hi performance springs are stronger and take a little more RPM to engage. Kind of like having a manual trans and reving it higher before you release the clutch .You can get into a more "useable " rpm range quicker. As far as an install, I not sure how hard it is to do on a rubicon .Threre's more info on that in other post. I know you got to pull off the plastics and the front cover on the engine . You may also need a special tool .
I will be installing an HMF, K&N, and rejetting this weekend and going to red creek next weekend. I can comment on the power gains after I have a little seat time.

As for the clutch kit, it simply changes the engagement RPM of your clutch. It will raise it by 500rpm therefore the bike will have more hp built up when the tires begin moving. Thats a brief explanation... I will dig up some detailed info on it and post.
Sounds good ! I just ordered my k&n ,hmf and jets. I'm still undecided about the clutck kit . Let me know how it works out JRICH
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